As the cost of living skyrockets, nearly 1 in 3 adults rely on their parents for financial support


As the cost of living skyrockets, many adults are turning to a familiar safety net: mom and dad.

Nearly a third of millennials and Gen Zers, over the age of 18, get financial support from their parents, according to a new survey by personal finance site Credit Karma. The site polled more than 1,000 adults in October.

More than half of parents with adult children said their kids are living with them. Another 48% said they pay for their kids’ cell phone plan, car payments or other monthly bills. Nearly a quarter also said they provide their adult children with a regular allowance, pay some or all of their rent or have them as an authorized user on their credit card, the report found.

“What used to be paying your kid’s cell phone bill every few months has now turned into a much more extensive set of expenses for many parents,” said Courtney Alev, Credit Karma’s consumer financial advocate.


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