FBI affidavit misled a magistrate judge on a search warrant in plot to seize and forfeit contents of safety deposit boxes


by Boo_Rand

When those charged with upholding the law trample on the Constitution, you may know your national descent into corrupt, repressive banana republic is complete.


In a case with a direct bearing on the search warrant issued on Mar A Lago, the March 22, 2021 FBI raid on a private safe deposit box operator in Beverly Hills, California just got even dodgier, according to court documents released by different federal judge than issued the warrant. You may recall that the FBI raided US Private Vaults in Beverly Hills and seized the contents of boxes of people accused of no crimes.

Eric Boehm of Reason reports on the latest revelations that show a pattern of FBI abuse of magistrate judges for the purpose of obtaining search warrants that amount to fishing expeditions – a violation of the Fourth Amendment


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