Founder Of, Rajiv Sankarlall Has Created A Secure Place To Mint Your NFTs


NFTs continue to rocket into prominence and popularity, with some selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yet the industry is filled with potential threats and concerns about financial safety. is set to change that

The popularity of NFTs has skyrocketed in recent times with their unique traits for associating value to any physical or digital asset. They are also attractive speculative investments, with many people investing in NFTs in the hope that their value will increase significantly in the future. 

Unfortunately, cryptocurrency and NFT scams are prolific, and tarnish an otherwise exciting and potential-filled investment. While some people are successfully trading and generating financial gain in the Web3 space, others are wary of venturing in for fear of the safety of their investments.

NFT developer and founder of, Rajiv Sankarlall is acutely aware of the concerns people have; and in response, has offered a safe, secure space for people to mint their NFT collections. is the world’s First Certik Audited secure NFT launchpad to allow collectors to safely mint their favorite NFT collections without the vulnerability of wallet attacks and malicious activities commonly associated with compromised dApps. has been well received in the NFT space, with many artists and developers relieved that Sankarlall has created this launchpad. “People have been scammed so many times. Now they are looking for platforms that are doing good in the world and trying to create bigger things,” says Sankarlall. “Currently, you’re playing Russian roulette when you connect to a platform to mint your NFT,” he warns. “When you connect your wallet to a random website, you don’t know what is on the other end. All your funds can get taken out of that wallet right away, and you can lose all of your crypto and NFTs by the click of a button!” 

With MultiMint, there is no need to be uneasy about accessing the platform, fearing that your wallet may be drained after attempting to mint your NFTs. You can mint your project safely and securely with complete peace of mind that your investment is locked away from prying hands. 

FAME Project is the first official launch for MultiMint. Rajiv co-founded FAME with PR genius Michael Graziano and one of the world’s most respected motivational speakers under 40, Natasha Graziano. FAME is a first of its kind in the NFT world – it is the first PR agency to enter into the Web3 space through its own generative 10k NFT collection and is a gamified form of PR and media built on the blockchain. Whether it is a brand, influencer, project, or someone simply wanting to get their voice heard, FAME allows people investing in their NFTs to get media representation, thus creating an open playing ground for anyone to spread their message.

“You can come to FAME and amplify your brand through our PR utility and celebrity events” says Sankarlall. Through specific partnerships with FAME, celebrities will mix with exclusive holders of the FAME NFTs to create networks, connect with stars and influencers, and ultimately start the journey to becoming one themselves.

Although FAME is a relatively new kid on the block, it has already caught the attention of major influencers and celebrities. Grammy nominee and celebrity DJ Steve Aoki currently holds the number one of the FAME collection. He is well-known in the NFT space – he made $888,888.88 on the sale of his “hairy” NFT in 2021. An early adopter and fan of NFTs, Aoki believes they are set to spark a revolution in the music business, transferring power back to artists and away from labels. Because of this, he jumped on the opportunity to partner with FAME.

The FAME co-founders are also commanding the attention of the NFT industry, with people clamoring to hear their advice and to see what they are doing in the Web3 world. The three founders were recently invited to speak on the main stage at Miami NFT Week, held in April 2022. Besides speaking, Sankarlall also hosted a panel breaking down the topic: ​”How to Score the Play in Web3.” The panelists were well-known industry leaders – including the CTO of Zed.Run, Jason Melo, the CEO of Cosmic Wire, Jerad Finck, and the CEO of Europa Labs, Greg Norman. 

Sankarlall is very excited about the future of FAME. “We have influencers and celebrities lined up that will be part of it, and more and more well-known people want to get in on it,” he says. These are undoubtedly exciting times for FAME and those investing in NFTs and wanting to get their voice heard in the media.

To add to the work he is doing in the Web3 space, Sankarlall is also the founder of RektFi Studios, which offers a specialist set of Metaverse integration services to businesses, NFT / Crypto projects, and game developers to augment their existing capabilities or to provide specific VR/AR, animation or development services as needed. It also offers professional NFT collections that are collectible and can also be used within the Metaverse with a fully doxxed team of artists from Hollywood and Disney. 

With his experience of more than a decade in cryptocurrency, Sankarlall is a man to watch. His passion for Web3 and his determination to add value and security to the space is clearly evident. 

To find out more about the work he is doing or to get in touch with him to mint your NFT collection, go to



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