Markets got giddy over reports of China reopening…the celebrations were premature


I think top authority’s focus right now is on implementation of newly announced “optimized”Covid measures by local govts, and crackdown on extra curbs imposted by local govts which had been widely complained.

Remember, the Spring Festival falls in Jan 2023.

— Cathy Yuan Zhang (@CathyYuanZhang) November 23, 2022

Slippery slope…

— Doomberg (@DoombergT) November 26, 2022

We are entering soon year 4 of Covid.

The world is open and living (almost) normal life.

Here in China still stubbornly keep on building quarantine camps.

— Marco Castelli (@macastel3) November 24, 2022

CHINA – 100 million people now back in lockdown, QR codes turned red by the State to prevent any movement, unless it’s to be transported to one of thousands of quarantine camps they have built, like this one.

— Bernie’s Tweets (@BernieSpofforth) November 25, 2022

h/t Boo_Randy


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