Medvedev Says the West Wouldn’t Respond to a Nuclear Strike on the Ukraine


by Chris Black

This guy is based AF folks. 

Where’s the lie? I don’t want to die for ZOG. 

Do you?

Putin ‘certainly not bluffing’ and will use nuclear weapons if pushed, says Medvedev

— The Independent (@Independent) September 27, 2022


NATO would not intervene if Moscow used nuclear weapons against Ukraine, Dmitry Medvedev has said, claiming that Kiev’s Western backers would be unwilling “to die in a nuclear apocalypse” for the country.

However, the former Russian president said it was highly unlikely that the conditions for warranting a nuclear response by Moscow would arise in Ukraine.

 “I believe NATO would not intervene in the conflict even in this scenario. The safety of Washington, London, Brussels is more important for the Alliance than the fate of useless, perishing Ukraine,” Medvedev predicted.

“Sending modern arms to Ukraine is just a business with an extra seasoning of hatred towards us. Nothing more,” he said. “[American] and European demagogues would not die in a nuclear apocalypse. This is why they will swallow the use of any weapons in the ongoing conflict.”


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