Nancy Pelosi Blindsided With Brutal Surprise


The fact that President Joe Biden has sent billions to Ukraine in a seemingly fruitless war while in the United States, there are the continuing problems of homelessness and the economy as well as current high prices at the grocery store, destruction of food plants, disasters along train tracks that deliver food, toxic chemicals that have been released in the environment due to those disasters, spy balloons, and more.

It is a continuing thorn in the side of Americans that rather than fix problems, many in congress chose to pad their own pockets. One example of this business maneuvering is the current Speaker of the House of the Senate, Nancy Pelosi.

The Pelosis’ stock trades became a major issue of contention during the latter part of her tenure as Speaker due to trades that were made in a timely manner that either made the couple money or avoided losses, leading to cries of insider trading.

Paul Pelosi sold 25,000 shares of Nvidia at around $165.05 in July, which resulted in a loss for him of $341,365, a set of disclosures showed, Conservative Brief reports.


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