Police Are the Only Criminal Gang in America That You Can Never Move Away From


by Chris Black

You can move to the countryside or the woods or the mountains and escape Trayquan and the fellas.

But this other type of fella will always be around in some capacity, and the corrupt government is paying him to bother you.

Shocking moment North Carolina police shoot a disabled man who was unarmed and complying with their orders after wrongly suspecting he had a hostage in his trailert.co/ja6g0hOVpR

— Inform America Now (@Ian_inform) January 24, 2023

Most cops are authoritarians… they respond to power, no matter who wields it.

There were cases of polizei in Weimar Germany who went to work for the NS Germans, and then went to work again for the DDR after the war.

Mercenaries for the state and for power.

One big source of conservative confusion is their reactivity towards the performative anti-cop rhetoric of left-wing activists, which is really just outrage that anyone would dare hold brown people to any kind of standard.

In truth, leftists and liberals need police for their political program to be implemented and enforced. They believe in a kind of “law and order” just as much as any of us do, it’s just a perverse law and order in which non-Whites are beyond reproach and police exist as a security force for protecting gay parades and child drag shows, and intimidating you into paying your taxes so that your wealth can be redistributed to all of the above.

As usual, the leftist “grievance” about police is not really that the police oppose their agenda, but rather that the tacit enforcement that police are doing on their behalf is not robust and comprehensive enough yet.

In their knee-jerk reactivity, conservatives simply perceive all of this as “the Libs attacking our brave law enforcement,” totally missing the fact that the police are tools of the Libs. Conservatives then defend the police, seemingly blind to the fact that they’re simping for the same people who oppress them and follow politically-biased enforcement orders.

Every coward police chief in the country will tell you his department is “apolitical” and “impartially enforces the law,” but reality shows us how demonstrably untrue this is.

Every major metro police department in the country was ordered to stand down during leftist riots, and every single one of them complied.

This is what conservatives fail to understand.

There is a “type” of guy who joins the police force or the military and he’ll work for whoever he thinks is in charge.

He will fight to the death for whoever is cutting his checks.

I would call it shrewd, but that implies some kind of calculated higher thought.

If NPCs are real, then cops and soldiers are the NPCest.


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