The Non-Synthetic Alternative to Rx HGH That’s Taking The Medical World By Storm

From potentially improving memory to speeding up recovery, BioPro+ is filling a gap in the market that synthetic HGH treatments leave behind, and now physicians across the United States and even internationally are recommending it.


The use of human growth hormone (HGH) continues to rise in popularity across the United States, contributing to an industry worth an estimated 10.67 billion dollars. Human growth hormone aids with cell reproduction and regeneration, and isused to treat certain medical conditions. It is also a popular treatment used by many to optimize metabolism, muscle recovery, and performance, despite being a government-controlled therapy.

Due to widespread abuse, off-label use of the growth hormone is unlawful and a felony under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, in addition to being prohibited in sports due to providing an unfair advantage to athletes.

“Regulations have changed where these drugs in certain states are no longer allowed to be prescribed for aesthetic or anti-aging purposes,” says Dustin Baker, president of BioProtein Technology. “They’re only allowed to be prescribed for human growth hormone deficiency, which happens in children and other rare instances. So it’s much harder to get your hands on.”

BioProtein Technology has brought an alternative to the market: BioPro+, the first non-synthetic alternative to human growth hormone treatments. BioPro+ is a disruptive formula taking the medical world by storm as a 100% safe HGH alternative, with zero reported contraindications to that claim. From potentially improving memory to speeding up recovery, BioPro+ is filling a gap in the market that HGH leaves behind, and doctors across the United States are recommending it. 

For over a decade, BioProtein Technology has worked with over 1500 of the industry’s leading Physicians and Practitioners looking to provide their patients with non-synthetic pharmaceutical grade anti-aging and regenerative therapies that work faster, easier, and safer.

“We’re not talking about just holistic doctors or just functional medicine,” says Baker. “We’re talking about board certified surgeons, physicians, military doctors, physicians that run entire sports teams and leagues, endocrinologists, and hormone specific doctors who have embraced us, taken us on, and found insane results with what we’re doing.” 

According to Dr. Mark Gunderson of The Age Management Institute in Reno, Nevada, BioProtein Technology is the “magic sauce” he’s been using for the last 7-8 years. “It’s a fantastic alternative to natural growth hormone,” he says

Unlike synthetic hormones, BioPro+ does not replace any hormone production in the body, nor does it manipulate any glandular function. Instead, BioPro+ gives your body the end result of the hormone, called growth factors. Growth Factors are simply the cell signals created by the hormone that cause the cellular change we’re all looking for in our bodies. 

“When you’re multiplying muscle cells, it’s not growth hormones that do that. It’s the cell signal. What you get with BioPro+ is a formulation of those cell signals, so instead of replacing the hormone or stimulating your own glandular function, which comes with all those side effects, we’re just giving you the end result,” Baker says.

BioPro+ has been used by medical physicians and practitioners across the United States since its introduction, and was originally a medical and physician-provided product only. But when the COVID-19 pandemic came into play, Baker shares that they had to figure out a way to do business, and decided to consider a direct-to-consumer approach.

“We had to figure out how to adapt and overcome like anybody did, but since that happened, our growth has been exponential,” says Baker. “We’ve shipped to over 40 countries at this point, and every continent other than Antarctica.”

He continues, “the testimonials that we get from men are extreme, to say the very least. Everything from becoming a better parent because of their energy levels being higher, to a complete reduction in TBI, which is trauma brain injury for military veterans, special forces.” 

When asked why he thinks his product is so successful, he says it’s because BioPro+ takes a different approach to the alternatives in the market. “There’s a lot of products out there that can offer the benefits that we offer as well,” he says. “But those products are synthetic drugs. They are administered through a needle. They come with a lot of potential side effects, contraindications, and complications with other medications. Our products are 100% non-synthetic, meaning we’re the only alternative, really, that’s shown any actual efficacy in blood work.”

BioPro+ is simply filling in the gaps where growth hormones have depleted, which decreases every year after you finish puberty. “We’re just filing it in like it’s your gas tank,” he says. “We want you to stay in your optimal normal range and help you maximize and optimize your life.”

“I have been a user of BioPro+ since before I bought the company in 2018, one of the reasons being I believed in it so much and I knew that the world had to get their hands on it,” he concludes.

If you are interested in learning more about BioProtein Technology, be sure to check out their website or Instagram page today. 


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