As Bill Gates Keeps Buying All of the Farmland, US Dairy Policies Destroy Small Farms


by Chris Black

Let’s take a look at what is happening to the farmers, shall we?

This is something that should matter to the average American slave, because this is where their food comes from.

2013: Bill Gates invests plant-based eggs, poultry, and meat

2021: Bill Gates becomes the largest private farmland owner in the US

2021-2023: Mass chicken and egg shortages hit American farms

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) January 22, 2023

When Bill Gates takes over the food supply completely, he’s going to start feeding you vaccines.

“The future of vaccines may look more like eating a salad than getting a shot in the arm. UC Riverside scientists are studying whether they can turn edible plants like lettuce into mRNA vaccine factories.”

— AmySutton (@TeamAmerica2020) January 30, 2023

My question is: why are farmers still selling their farms to a corporation ran by Bill Gates?

The Guardian:

Two decades of misguided US dairy policies centered around boosting milk production and export markets have hurt family-scale farms and the environment while enriching agribusinesses and corporate lobbyists, new research has found.

The average American dairy turned a profit only twice in the past two decades despite milk production rising by almost 40%, according to analysis by Food and Water Watch (FWW) shared exclusively with the Guardian.

In the past 20 years, US dairy exports rose eightfold – more than almost any other commodity – which has coincided with rapid consolidation across the industry, according to the FWW report.

The US Dairy Export Council (USDEC) claims booming exports have helped farms of all sizes, but two-thirds of family-sized commercial dairies were lost between about 1997 to 2017 as factory farms, exporters and a handful of powerful cooperatives came to dominate dairy. Trade association executives are making huge salaries as ordinary farms go under.

This lined the pockets of agribusinesses while leaving farmers captive to volatile international markets … Clearly, export-focused policies have not improved the welfare of the average US dairy farmer,” according to the FWW report.


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