Banks are burning in Lebanon as the currency is being totally destroyed


People burned several banks in Lebanon on Thursday as the local currency fell to a new all-time low against the dollar.

What happened: The Lebanese pound fell to a historic record low of 80,000 against the dollar on Thursday, according to the Lira Rate website.

At least six Beirut banks were set on fire Thursday in response to the currency’s fall, the Lebanese news outlet L’Orient Today reported.

LBCI, another Lebanese news outlet, obtained footage of two banks in Beirut burning.

Fransabank and Audi bank branches in Badaro, #Beirut, have been set on fire.

Burning tires ignited the fire at the branches’ entrances.

Citizens have gathered at the intersection between the two branches to protest the current bank’s association

— LBCI Lebanon English (@LBCI_News_EN) February 16, 2023


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