Basketball player Enes Kanter lost his job in the NBA for speaking about brutality in Turkey, China and elsewhere


This is an extended interview. This man is amazing, he was using his platform and fame to speak out about the injustices and didn’t back down and was blackballed.

Tsai has publicly defended some of China’s most controversial policies. He described the government’s brutal crackdown on dissent as necessary to promote economic growth; defended a law used to imprison scores of pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong as necessary to squelch separatism; and, when questioned about human rights, asserted that most of China’s 1.4 billion citizens are “happy about where they are.”

Alibaba, a company co-founded by Joe Tsai — an adamant advocate of China’s communist regime and the owner of the Nets and Liberty — financially supported the Chinese government’s human rights violations and “cultural genocide” of its Muslim population

h/t MonkeyWrangler


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