Border Is Deteriorating Even Before End of Title 42… Open Borders of America Will Lead to Our Downfall… McConnell Funding Border Security Overseas, Defunding at Home


via washingtontimes:

Border authorities nabbed 233,740 illegal immigrants at the southern border in November, setting a new record for that month and underscoring the chaos of the situation even before the end of the Title 42 pandemic border expulsion policy.

Homeland Security announced the numbers in a holiday weekend Friday evening data dump.

Significant surges of migrants from Nicaragua and Cuba helped offset drops in Venezuelans at the border. The number of children traveling alone also rose, as did those traveling as families.

Open Borders of America Will Lead to Our Downfall

There have been all kinds of bad and bogus narratives about our open southern border with Mexico. The narratives prove real investigative journalism in this country is now officially dead. The most common narrative these days (if we hear anybody attempting journalism at all) goes like this, “Is Joe Biden completely incompetent about our open southern border, or is he just clueless?”

Border Patrol Union Boss Rips McConnell for Funding Border Security Overseas, Defunding at Home

Border Patrol union chief Brandon Judd is blasting Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and 18 Senate GOP allies for supporting the Senate-passed $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill that funds border security in other countries while slamming the brakes on border security spending in the U.S.

On Monday, the Kentucky Senator gave his blessing to the $1.7 trillion spending bill, which provides border security assistance for five Middle Eastern nations but prohibits spending to strengthen or even maintain current U.S. border security capabilities.

The one-year funding measure passed by a 68-29 vote in the Senate, according to the Associated Press and is expected to pass the Democrat-led House.

“I’m absolutely just disgusted that some Republicans are willing to throw the American people under the bus and that they’re not willing to provide border security,” Judd said Wednesday on the “Just the News, No Noise” TV show.

The omnibus spending bill bars U.S. Customs and Border Protection from using its $1.5 billion in funding to “acquire, maintain or extend border security technology and capabilities, except for technology and capabilities to improve Border Patrol processing.”

Weak RINO Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey Dismantles Makeshift Border Wall at Behest of Biden-Harris Regime

Arizona Governor Forced to Remove Shipping Container Border Wall by Biden-Harris Regime

Arizona Will Dismantle Container Border Wall to Settle DOJ Lawsuit.

From the comments:

This was always a stunt designed to do four things:

1. Show that an effective barrier can be built quickly

2. Demonstrate the deterrence value of a barrier

3. Draw National attention to gaps in our border deliberately left by the Biden WH and d/prog

4. Force the Biden DoJ to go on record to dismantle the barrier and clearly reveal their priorities don’t include security along our border

From that perspective it was successful. The most pro border security /anti illegal immigration President we have had since Eisenhower was unable to get a border wall fully built during his term. It’s going to take more than a President, it will take electing a critical mass of folks to Congress who will support border security.

“I absolutely think the president should visit the border. In fact, I think anyone who is responsible for setting or making policy on the border should visit the border. I mean, that’s that’s a no brainer, right?”

— Rich Edson (@RichEdsonDC) December 20, 2022


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