Dole Whip, the popular Disney treat that’s only available at the parks, is coming to grocery stores


Die-hard Disney fans have plenty of favorite foods from the theme parks, ranging from popcorn to churros, but no snack comes close to the Dole Whip in popularity.

Since its debut in 1984, if you wanted a cup or cone of the soft-serve dairy-free dessert, you largely had to visit a park or search for a clone recipe that never quite measured up. But starting later this year, you’ll be able to grab Dole Whip at your local grocery store.

Dole has announced plans to begin selling the popular treat nationwide, as part of a wider rollout of products. The Dole Whip from your grocer’s freezer will come in three flavors—pineapple, mango, and strawberry.

Dole Whip first appeared at the Magic Kingdom when Dole became the sponsor of the park’s Enchanted Tiki Room attraction. The snack, which was originally called Dole Pineapple Whip, quickly garnered a cult following and expanded to Disneyland two years later in 1986.

Disney has since expanded its Dole Whip offerings, adding a float (served over pineapple juice) and a version that includes rum (available at some hotels and the Animal Kingdom).

During the pandemic, as annual pass holders got twitchy from not being able to enjoy a Dole Whip, Disney released a recipe for them to make it at home. It wasn’t quite the same, though, as the parks use a powder and a soft-serve machine.

Dole has not yet announced a release date for the home version of Dole Whip. Other products in the new healthy eating campaign include dehydrated pineapple and banana bites, a relaunch of the company’s smoothies, and a new juice drink with 60% less sugar and calories.

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