FBI Guy Investigating Trump’s Russia Collusion Was Himself Colluding With The Russians


by Chris Black

You can’t make this shit up.

I’m surprised they arrested this guy.  I’m more surprised the news of the arrest made it out.

And even further surprised the reason for the arrest was divulged.

They usually do the old “we don’t comment on ongoing investigations” thing.

Something’s up.

Look who just got arrested for a Russian Oligarch-related issue. The FBI Agent that Comey put in charge of counter-intelligence in the FBI’s NY Field Office. Just. Before. The. 2016. Election.

P.S. BTW, Hillary’s campaign HQ was in Brooklyn.

h/t .@TrustIsEarnd t.co/SVvZ5lhJcg pic.twitter.com/0kDhIaHrsG

— FoiaFan (@15poundstogo) January 23, 2023

Another delicious bit—here is Charlie & his fellow spook @BillEvanina devastated over @Comey‘s firing. For people like this, memes couldn’t even enhance the scenario; THEY are the meme.

By the way, any comment on the recent news, @BillEvanina?t.co/IyuKTFXKMU@fpa1918 t.co/rQVFPenAkS pic.twitter.com/70zFOUXZut

— Marco Polo (@MarcoPolo501c3) January 23, 2023

McGonigal was the FBI’s recipient of the fake tip from Alexander Downer that supposedly started the Trump/Russia investigation.

He was also involved in the fake Carter Page (“Crossfire Dragon”) investigation. t.co/MDwosXQaqP pic.twitter.com/tGjDL5zFq6

— Hans Mahncke (@HansMahncke) January 23, 2023


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