Greg Rich of Vivantio Shares Insights on Customer Retention and Co-Creation of Value


In a recent podcast with Scale Your SaaS, Greg Rich, CEO of Vivantio, shared invaluable insights on fostering customer relationships and driving business growth. His approach, focusing on ‘co-creation of value’, is a refreshing take in the world of business-to-business (B2B) interactions, especially within SaaS organizations.

Greg emphasizes the importance of viewing customers not just as revenue sources but as integral partners in business growth. He strongly believes in the  ‘co-creation of value’, a symbiotic relationship where both the service provider and the customer benefit mutually. This philosophy centers around the idea that a customer should benefit from their engagement with a company, just as the company gains from the customer.

This perspective is particularly relevant in today’s competitive business environment, where customer retention is often more crucial than acquisition. Greg highlights that the relationship with a customer shouldn’t end with a sale; instead, it should be the beginning of an ongoing partnership. This approach moves away from the traditional ‘fire and forget’ mentality, where companies might neglect post-sale customer engagement.

By viewing customer service as a  growth engine, Greg suggests that the function can play a pivotal role in business expansion. Customers who are engaged and find value in a service are more likely to advocate for the company, participate in case studies, and contribute to winning new business. This advocacy is a powerful tool, especially in the SaaS sector where word-of-mouth and customer testimonials significantly influence purchasing decisions.

Greg’s strategy also involves continuous engagement and management of customer relationships. It’s about understanding their needs, addressing their concerns, and providing them with solutions that not only solve their immediate problems but also add value to their operations. This level of engagement fosters loyalty and long-term commitment, which are key drivers of sustainable business growth.

In essence, Greg’s philosophy on customer relationships is a holistic one. It’s about creating a win-win situation where both the company and its customers grow together. This approach is particularly relevant for B2B businesses, where long-term relationships and network-based growth are fundamental.

Greg Rich’s insights offer a valuable lesson for businesses looking to thrive in the competitive SaaS market. By focusing on co-creating value with customers, companies can not only enhance their customer retention rates but also transform their customer base into a dynamic growth engine. This strategy, centered around mutual benefit and continuous engagement, is a blueprint for building enduring and fruitful customer relationships in the B2B sector.


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