Katara Sky

Katara Sky describes herself as a “truthseeker” dedicated to helping individuals explore their human potential and embark on a path of spiritual awakening. Currently based in Australia, Katara’s various offerings including one-on-one coaching, online courses and the Awakening Dragons podcast designed to guide individuals on their journey of self-discovery and personal transformation.

Walking the Beauty Path

Katara’s core mission centers around empowering individuals to embrace their authentic selves and live a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.  She invites you to “walk the beauty path” which refers to a concept from the Native American people – life is sacred and may we all live harmoniously with all of Life. We can learn about ourselves and our sacred place in the world:

  • Self-discovery and Wholeness: Katara emphasizes exploring one’s inner world and healing from our past wounds. This ‘healing’ is the path to wholeness and helps us feel more ‘complete’ in who are are since we can integrate the gifts of our healed wounds. 
  • Spiritual Awakening: She guides individuals towards connecting with their innate intelligence,  higher selves and to feel connected to the greater power and consciousness of the universe.
  • Unleashing Personal Power: Katara aims to help individuals uncover hidden potential, reclaim personal and spiritual power towards manifesting the life they dream. 

Services Offered

  • One-on-One Sessions: Personalized journeys of soul exploration through individual sessions or bespoke transformation programs.
  • Awakening Dragons Podcast: This podcast features conversations between Katara and guests, focusing on exploring themes relating to cosmic origins, the healing arts and sharing stories of awakening. 
  • QiGong for Lightworkers Online Course: This course is designed to for lightworkers, healers, and practitioners, to amplify their energy and light through specific practices like Qigong and Light Language activations.


Katara Sky‘s website showcases testimonials from individuals who have benefited from her services. They describe a range of experiences from: 

  • Improved intuition and connection with their inner guidance;
  • Resolution of physical ailments through healing methods;
  • A sense of clarity, calmness, and inner peace; and 
  • Deeper understanding of their life purpose and direction.


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