Just as everyone believes the bear market is over, comes the credit event…


Don’t care stocks staged a reversal. At all. Nothing has changed using the intermarket analysis work I’m known for.

— Michael A. Gayed, CFA (@leadlagreport) February 7, 2023

The default cycle has begun. Several large land bankers in Vancouver have filed for bankruptcy, unable to refinance their loans now that the music has stopped.

— Ben Rickert (@Ben__Rickert) February 7, 2023

The average home is STILL selling for almost 10x the average income!

Home prices can remain expensive for 2-3 years, but home prices are still clearly in bubble territory.

Eventually, gravity always wins… pic.twitter.com/UsQawLx5mF

— Eric Basmajian (@EPBResearch) February 7, 2023

Housing availability is at *worse* levels than before the Great Financial Crisis.

An entire generation of people are being priced out of the American Dream. pic.twitter.com/XIfyYj485F

— Markets & Mayhem (@Mayhem4Markets) February 7, 2023


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