New York City Losing Cops at Fastest Rate Since 9/11


by Chris Black

A lot of them are moving to Florida.

The best scenario would be for the cops to just not exist at all, and for people to be allowed to elect sheriffs and form militias to protect their families and neighborhoods.

But of course, as they attacked the beat cops, they’ve also made the FBI much more powerful, so if anyone tried to form a militia to bring order to the chaos they’ve created with their war on the police, they would immediately get swooped by federal cops.

New York Post:

The NYPD saw 3,701 cops retire or resign in 2022, the most since the post-9/11 exodus in 2002, when 3,846 cops said goodbye to the job, according to data obtained by The Post.

Pension fund numbers reveal the 2022 exits are 32% more than the 2,811 who left in 2021.

The mass migration took place as the NYPD hired 1,982 officers in 2022, leaving the department down some 1,700 cops, the data suggests.

Bail reform, resentment for the city’s vaccination mandate, the defund-the-police movement, cops feeling disrespected, and the lure of higher pay and lower stress proved to be the final push out the door for many cops.


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