Pay Close Attention to Everyone Who’s Going to Bat for Shapiro and the Daily Wire


by Chris Black

This is a Friend-Enemy test being born—these are people who are fine with compromising your supposed “principles” to run a more profitable operation.

This is how “conservatives” have spent the last century playing the heel to the system, always roleplaying as opposition without ever putting up a real fight.

It’s not what they’re paid to do.

It’s not how they make their money.

Several years ago, in the days of the alt-right, there was a common false dialectic that would emerge between radical rightists and mainstream conservatives, over what “principled” conservatism looked like.

The cuckservatives would always claim that fighting dirty and wielding power and refusing the enemy’s rules was a “leftist tactic” and that it would make you “unprincipled.” And the alt-righters would often fall for this framing and deride “muh principles” as a losing strategy.

But what does it mean to be “principled?” It means that you have real convictions and that you are serious about them—that you are willing to make sacrifices in order to stand up for what you believe in—the total opposite of what mainstream conservatives embody.

They are always just one more compromise and one more bargain away from turning the tide, and yet the tide never turns.

The scary right-wing “extremists” were always the principled ones all along, because we were the ones who actually believed in something and were willing to fight for it.

A lack of principle on the part of mainstream conservatives is exactly how we wound up where we are.

Letting them claim to be “principled” was and still is a huge mistake.

This whole Daily Wire thing is a lesson in what False Opposition looks like.

They willingly accept the rules of their supposed “enemies” because that makes their enterprise more profitable.

Therefore, the “values” and “principles” that they espouse are not values or principles at all, but really just marketing for the operation that they’re running.

They will choose the money over those “values” every time.

This is how the issue should be presented to normies who are on the fence.

Just don’t waste too much of your breath on someone who refuses to understand because they’ve already given their money to Shapiro.


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