by John Ward

Small coup in Germany, nobody dead

I should declare my interest immediately: I was deplatformed by Gargoyle earlier this week for spamming….something I’ve never done. But the simple reality (as I shall now outline) is I am innocent of the change – but they’re demonstrably guilty of it.

Admittedly, part of this tiff depends on how one defines spam.

I do send out on Gmail 300+ recipients per message; but every one of them is either (a) following me on Twitter and has already established an interest in the subject area or (b) has signed up to be a regular receiver of my Slogposts. To date I have had one complaint in twelve years…but Gargoyle chose to focus on this one alone, and banish me – even though the recipient was in somebody else’s list not chosen by me…although to be fair, the list builder chose members with (I know perfectly well) a profound interest in the subject, viz, the abject failure of soi-disant “vaccines” to provide an acceptable level of protection. I see that as the epidemiology of relevant information, not “spam”.

The idea that social media followers and others who want to hear my news are being spammed by bulk mailings from me is thus obviously ridiculous.

Spamming is the practice of sending scatter-gun offers of (for example) Stenna Stairlifts and Black Friday savings on Elon Musk Wormhole Tours inclusive of free zero-mass Time-travelling wheelchairs.

Spam is what has been strangling my Gmail inbox for more than a decade.

And therein lies a tale.

If Gmail wants to position itself as such a dedicated anti-/spam warrior, then it has rather a lot of tricky explaining to do. Starting with its own search-engine, showing below umpteen different ways to send, um, spam:

Of course, some of these are partners working with Gargoyle, but Big G still welcomes them in…and has a full range of products itself. I got banned for joining a Twitter conversation of 17 people, and then retweeting it with ‘the complainant’ against me tagged previously – not by me. And she was there because of a clear interest in the inherent dangers of getting mRNA jabs and boosters…..ergo, not receiving spam.

In other words, there were and are no grounds for deplatforming The Slog. In fact, I would question Gargoyle’s right to even take a complaint alleged to have been made on the basis of activity in another social medium.

It’s possible the complaint came from elsewhere: in which case (as I explained above) there’s even less of a case, as I have a premium account with Gmail that allows me to send to 300 addresses at a time, and all those are Slog fans fed up of not receiving notification of Slog posting thanks to nefarious practices by several other platforms.

It’s a grubby business, and my next steps will be to go increasingly public about it via Facebook, Twitter and other available alternatives

You may not have noticed the passing glance I gave beneath the main headline today towards the “coup attempt” in the German Bundesrepublik. This is mainly because it has psy op written all over it, but also because if I go on about it too much, I will be dismissed as – it’s the latest smear in town, people – a “terrorist conspiracy ideologue”.

I’ll just make three quick points. First, it looks like the Ukraine war is heading towards a cease-fire and NATO is unlikely to get what it wants. So another scare-narrative must be found: “We need strong, militarily backed anti-terrorist policies in Europe, because we don’t want another Hitler”. Second, the MSM goose-step of compliance is in full swing: ’25 Right Wing extremists’, ‘Strange group of 25 antifascist far Right pro-Russian extremists’ and so forth. Third, careful use of ‘alleged’, ‘planning a coup’, ‘accused of trying to’ etc – leaving a back door just in case it all turns out to have been an unfortunate error.

One is left wondering about the collective IQ of a few revolutionaries who think that 25 Herberts are enough to frighten the guys in the Sicherheitsdienst. We shall see. Or not….probably on balance, not.

Most of you will know how teething problems can occur while switching from one email provider to another. If you want to reach me about some information, sources or a story, for the moment I’m going with, but if you get problems leave a message in the onsite Comment Thread


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