Swatting suspects charged w/subverting Ring doorbell cams & calling cops


Two men have been charged with an alleged week-long US swatting spree in which they used stolen Yahoo email credentials to break into Ring door cameras, livestream the events on social media, and then taunt responding police officers.

One of the two men, Kya Christian Nelson, aka “ChumLul,” 21, of Racine, Wisconsin, is already behind bars for an unrelated case. But James Thomas Andrew McCarty, or. “Aspertaine,” 20, of Charlotte, North Carolina, was arrested last week.

they first illicitly acquired usernames and passwords belonging to US Yahoo email users. The men then determined whether the account owners also had Ring systems linked to internet-controlled doorbell cameras.

they also streamed the audio and video of the law enforcement officers’ response at the residences via the compromised security cameras.

“Nelson and McCarthy would verbally taunt responding police officers and victims through the Ring devices during the police response,”



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