Taking Off in Style: Sim Shain’s ParaFlight Aviation Launches UrgentFlights.com


Sim Shain, the CEO of ParaFlight Aviation, has been at the forefront of meeting the urgent medical transportation needs of individuals worldwide. With a strong commitment to innovation and providing high-quality services, the company has expanded its focus to include the corporate sector. In line with this expansion, ParaFlight has recently unveiled its latest offering, the UrgentFlights.com app. This app is designed to revolutionize the process of connecting clients with operators and pilots, allowing them to quickly and effortlessly book private jets to meet their travel requirements.

Expanding Services: ParaFlight’s Vision for Corporate Air Travel

ParaFlight was initially established with the mission of offering reliable and efficient emergency medical transport services. Over time, however, the company recognized the opportunity to extend its resources and expertise to the corporate world. Understanding the value of time and prioritizing client comfort, ParaFlight now provides on-demand air transportation services that cater to the scheduling needs of business travelers.

As part of its expansion efforts, ParaFlight introduced OrganFlights.com, an app dedicated to providing OPOs (organ procurement organizations) and transplant centers with air and ground transportation services. Leveraging a vast network of jets, helicopters, and emergency transport vehicles, OrganFlights.com has been highly successful in transporting organs, transplant teams, recipients, and family members. Building on this success, ParaFlight is now preparing to launch UrgentFlights.com, a similar app tailored specifically for the corporate sector.

Versatile Air Travel Solutions

UrgentFlights.com will serve as an extension of ParaFlight’s corporate services, empowering clients to efficiently schedule flights based on their specific needs and preferences. The app offers access to a wide range of aircraft, ranging from light jets to heavy jets, ensuring that clients can find the most suitable option for their travel requirements. One standout feature of the app is its “Uber-like” service, which allows operators from around the world to join and participate in providing readily available air transportation. This mutually beneficial arrangement benefits both pilots and travelers, as operators can find more work while individuals can easily locate the nearest and most convenient options for their travel needs. The versatility of UrgentFlights.com is evident in its ability to accommodate various air transportation requests, whether it’s facilitating the return of loved ones during family emergencies, delivering critical computer servers across the country, or assisting lawyers in reaching depositions promptly. Another extremely beneficial component of the app is it gives aircraft operators and aviation brokers the ability to request an ASAP recovery flight when they have a crew issue, delayed aircraft, or mechanical issue, etc.

The introduction of the UrgentFlights.com app marks a significant milestone for ParaFlight Aviation. By bolstering its corporate services with this innovative solution, the company establishes itself as a leader in efficient and convenient time-sensitive flight bookings. Sim Shain and his team continue to demonstrate their dedication to providing reliable and efficient transportation services, further solidifying ParaFlight’s reputation as a premier air transportation company.

ParaFlight Aviation Soars as a Top-Tier Provider

ParaFlight Aviation, under the leadership of CEO Sim Shain, has consistently delivered innovative solutions to meet the urgent medical transportation needs of individuals worldwide. With the introduction of the UrgentFlights.com app, ParaFlight expands its services to cater to the corporate sector, offering a fast and efficient way to book private jets. This expansion highlights the company’s commitment to providing reliable, high-quality transportation solutions. As ParaFlight continues to evolve and serve a diverse range of clients, its reputation as a top-tier air transportation provider remains unwavering.

The highly anticipated UrgentFlights.com app is slated for launch on July 4, 2023.


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