This is Why Zoomers and Millennials Hate the Boomer Generation


by Chris Black

It’s really not hard to understand why Boomers are so clueless and detached from reality when you remember that they grew up in an era of literal open communists producing all the pop culture; CSNY, Judy Collins, Bob Dylan et al.

Devon Stack and Millennialwoes made the point in the video below: the fake, manufactured “rebellion” of the 60s is part of the Boomer generation’s core identity, and worse than that, the system has made sure to re-tool that manufactured rebellion for the following generations.

Millennials and Zoomers still act as though being “socially progressive” is somehow an act of defiance when the reality is that it was ingrained in pop culture long before most of us were even born.

 People enjoy the dopamine rush of righteous indignation, even if that outrage has been curated to them by the very same institutions they pretend to rebel against.

You can see it in the pop culture Gen X grew up with and certainly in the things I grew up with as a Millennial. My favorite example, by far, is Trent Reznor’s NIN album “Year Zero.” 

Released in 2007, YZ depicts a bleak vision of the US as a totalitarian state waging global Forever War, where the populace is forced to accept mass-medication, the government controls the flow of all information and public discourse, no one knows what the truth really is, and we all live under a pervasive regime of mass surveillance.

The only thing Trent got wrong? He imagined that the totalitarian government would be run by Christian fundamentalists. In perhaps the funniest music interview ever, Trent later lamented that under President Obama, “Year Zero [had] come true.”

Trent is more honest and self-aware than most liberal musicians, but the Boomer derangement certainly trickled down through his generation and mine.

The Boomers will leave this world without ever understanding what they were complicit in and what kind of deranged alternate reality they dumped their children off into. 

It’s going to be rough for those of us who can see things for what they really are.


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