Toledo Oh City Council Wants to use Covid Emergency $$ to Pay local residents travel for an abortion


There is no bigger scheming evil dawg then a democrat.

Toledo City Council plans to consider a resolution to co-opt COVID relief funds to transport women out of the state to have abortions.

“This would provide assistance to Toledoans … who need to travel to seek abortion care … Health care is a fundamental right, and we are making sure people can access what they are legally allowed.”

Michele Grimes, City Council Member

The city would appropriate the money to the Agnes Reynolds Jackson Fund or “Aggie Fund,” a left-leaning nonprofit organization that provides patient transportation for abortions declaring its purpose is to make terminating pregnancy financially affordable and to keep abortions legal.

“It’s hard to imagine a more gross abuse of taxpayer dollars. The federal government provided these funds to help cities recover from the devastation of COVID closures…it’s a new low for the Council to consider giving these funds to fuel liberal, pro-abortion advocacy organizations.”

Aaron Baer, President, Center for Christian Virtue

h/t Gypo O’Leary


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