Vaxed Bros, I Don’t Feel So Good


by Chris Black

Things are only going to get worse for people who took the mRNA shots.

 Recent study shows people who took the shots and then contracted alleged C19 have started producing the incorrect antibody classes to fight infection. 

Billions Have a Broken Immune System After Pfizer Jabs

Billions of people are stuck with a broken immune response. Rintrah calls it “the trainwreck of all trainwrecks…We intervened in something that we just don’t

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— Sheila G (@TheSheilaG2024) December 28, 2022

They should be producing lgG3 and lgGM but are instead producing lgG4.

 lgG4 antibodies basically tell your body to ignore foreign bodies, like they would to pollen so that your body doesn’t launch a huge response when you sniff a flower. 

Furthermore, there are implications that the mRNA shots are causing this to happen against other respiratory viruses as well, and even influenzas. 

This is a worst case scenario because it will just turn vaxies into incubators for worse versions of SARS2. 

It almost certainly means a good majority of them are going to die as a result.

They’re just going to keep getting the virus, producing a new variant and spreading it around and eventually will contract a version that just kills them since their body won’t mount a response to it.

Simply put, ~400 K have died of something which is not Covid, Long Covid, nor overdose/accident/suicide. When we examine where those people are dying, they tend to be in US counties where vaccination rates are higher.

A relationship which did not exist for 2020/21-Covid.

— Ethical Skeptic ☀ (@EthicalSkeptic) November 15, 2022


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