‘We Had No Money’ – Dave Ramsey Congratulates A Couple Who Paid Off $351,500 Of Debt In 9 Years – But Realizes They Didn’t Pay Off The House


Most of the time, Dave Ramsey features callers who need financial advice, but this time he had a couple in his studio who wanted to share their impressive success story.

Christie and Steve, a couple from Wilder, Kentucky, recently shared their incredible journey of eliminating $351,500 in debt with Dave Ramsey. Their financial journey spanned over nine years and eight months, reflecting a true testament to perseverance and strategic financial management.

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Steve, a chiropractor who owns his own business, and Christie, a sales manager, tackled a massive amount of debt, primarily consisting of student loans and additional debt from starting a family and unforeseen medical emergencies. Despite the hurdles, their commitment to financial freedom never wavered.

Christie said, “We had no money. We realized we had an income problem,” which led them to aggressively address their financial situation through budgeting and increasing their income streams. Starting from a modest income of $36,000, their income grew to $287,000.

Ramsey noted during the interview, “Way to go you two,” but then realized they hadn’t paid off their home yet. The bulk of their debt was actually student loan debt — a common plight for many Americans today. Although he encourages them to work on paying off the mortgage, he reiterates, “So proud of y’all!”

“The biggest key was the budget,” they said, highlighting how careful financial planning was crucial even when their income was at its lowest. This strategy allowed them to allocate substantial portions of their income towards debt repayment, slowly but steadily moving towards their goal.

Looking towards the future, Christie and Steve have set new goals that extend beyond financial freedom. While they have yet to pay off their home, which stands as the next item on their financial agenda, they are also planning meaningful experiences for their family. With the heavy burden of debt lifted, they aspire to renovate their house while paying in cash to avoid incurring new debts and to travel with their children, providing them with experiences and learning opportunities they did not have growing up.

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Their story serves as a powerful reminder that breaking free from the shackles of debt opens up a world of new possibilities. It’s not just about escaping debt but about building a life filled with enriching experiences, growth and security for themselves and their loved ones.

For those tackling significant debt, consulting a financial adviser can be an invaluable step. Qualified experts can provide personalized guidance on budgeting, debt repayment strategies, increasing income, building savings and long-term investment planning.

While Christie and Steve demonstrated immense discipline and determination in their nearly decade-long journey, having access to professional financial counsel may have helped them optimize their path out of debt even further. A financial adviser’s expertise lies in developing comprehensive plans tailored to each client’s unique circumstances and goals.

Regardless of income level, crafting a budget carefully allocating funds towards systematic debt reduction is critical, as evidenced by Christie and Steve’s approach. With the proper planning, commitment and guidance, individuals can rewrite their financial narrative into one overflowing with possibilities.

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