Late Contender for the Worst Conservative Tweet of The Year Award


by Chris Black

The US has sent $24 billion to Ukraine since 2014 but spends hundreds of billions on welfare every single year.

 I think the Blacks have had more than enough reparations from the Bank of Whitey.

Stop sending US money to Ukraine and use it to pay reparations to descendents of slaves

— Tim Pool (@Timcast) December 30, 2022

Centrists like Timmie are worse than leftists; dumber, less honest (somehow!), more cowardly.

If Tim Pool and all other “anti-Woke” cryptoleftist cowards simply identified as liberals and stopped pretending to oppose them, I would instantly have more respect for that than whatever he thinks he’s doing right now.

Globalism, the current glob-homo political doctrine, is the pinnacle of political extremism, and must be opposed at all costs; being a retarded “centrist” ain’t gonna cut it. 

Every agenda pushed, from multiracialism to transgenderism, has virtually no historical precedent and is completely alien to 99.9% of human societies before the 1960s. 

Globalism is an insane and vicious political assault that should be framed as such.

There’s nothing extreme about wanting a normal, functional society like every pre-1960s Western country and most (non-Third World) countries today.

 It’s sensible and moderate. 

No sane person wants to live in a country that is plagued by violent interethnic conflict, drug addiction, pedophilic grooming, and child mutilation.

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