Millennials Are the Least Conservative 35-Year-Olds in History


by Chris Black

Are they brainless?

Opinion: The data is clear that millennials are not simply going to age into conservatism. To reverse a cohort effect, you have to do something for that cohort

— Financial Times (@FinancialTimes) December 30, 2022

I think there are a few reasons for this trend:

– Formative political events of the 2008 recession and 2010 “Great Awokening” (including Occupy Wall Street aka the woke libtard convention).

– Increasingly dire economic situation preventing millennials from buying homes, starting families, etc. (they foolishly believe Leftists will help them).

– Modern “conservative” parties don’t offer any solutions to economic problems, e.g. UK’s “housing crisis” is 100% caused by immigration and overpopulation.

– Millennial extended adolescence means 35-year-olds today behave and think like 15-year-olds of the 1950s.

– People also become more conformist with age, so it’s possible that millennials are conforming to the current hegemonic ideology (globalism/leftism).

– Younger generations are less White, thus more Left-Wing.


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